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Local Exhaust Ventilation

Commercial Kitchen Heat Recovery unit

Local Exhaust Ventilation

Local exhaust ventilation is a key strategy in minimising staff exposure to harmful fumes and dust generated by commercial and industrial processes. In fact law now requires it. The strategy uses air movement to arrest and remove contaminated (air, dust, mist, vapour and fumes) locally to protect staff.

Sigma uses good design practice and clever technology in our Hood, ducting design, air cleaners and air movers. We also deal with system documentation and maintenance schedules.

SigmaEPD we deliver great air quality in any environment.

Sigma Engineering is able to design, manufacture and install bespoke LEV systems that meet the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) HSG258.

Commercial Kitchen Heat Recovery unit

Our products are designs to bring solutions across industry. From laser machine manufacturers to PCB printers we create great air quality in any environment. SigmaEPD is also able to use energy saving devices such as inverters, fans and heat recovery together with latest fan impeller technology to lower the carbon footprint of your business.

Local Exhaust Ventilation Products and Services

We manufacture Air Handling Units and extractors that suite every environment. From simple extract to explosion proof (ATEX) applications. Our canopy systems create capture velocities that arrest contaminents at source.


The meeting of Tannlin and Sigma Engineering Product Design was nothing more than good luck. At the time we were looking for a local company prepared to respond quickly and intelligently to our requirements. We found this in Sigma.

First off designs for a debris extraction system came very quickly following our first enquiry. The continued proactive involvement by Sigma has given us a product we are pleased to fit to our T8 Laser Stencil Cutting Machine

Andy Cochrane

Tannlin UK Ltd

Tannlin UK Ltd
Commercial Kitchen Heat Recovery unit Commercial Kitchen Heat Recovery unit Commercial Kitchen Heat Recovery unit