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About Us

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About Us

Our team at Sigma are a group of creative and dedicated engineers who offer an all-round service from concept to commissioning to maintenance and have been doing so since 2002.

Sigma specialises in energy saving ventilation products and services, with award-winning patented technology. Our innovative and flexible designs are inspired by our desire to deliver efficient and cost effective solutions to the general problem of ventilation and air quality control wherever it is needed.

Sigma delivers high quality products and services to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, bars, and other sectors that meet and exceed expectations.

The increasing price of non-renewable fuels and the emergence of the climate change levy has caused energy costs to soar. Our systems focus on combining the most energy efficient technologies and innovative components to provide the best possible solution for our clients.

These include:

  • Patented heat recovery technology
  • Inverter driven fans
  • DC fan technology
  • Automatic switching
  • Ventilation on demand

At Sigma, we can find solutions to your problems. Contact us today and let us work together to provide the cleanest and safest environment that suits your needs.