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General Ventilation

Glasgow Waterfont Buildings ventilated by SigmaEPD

General Ventilation

Sigma EPD is the expert to turn to when you require robust ventilation solutions. We are experienced in dealing with a range of situations requiring effective ventilation systems, and are constantly working with our academic and industrial partners to develop innovative and effective ways of improving indoor air quality.

  • Ventilation with and without heat recovery systems.
  • Energy saving fan systems
  • Bespoke ventilation Systems
  • Extract systems and LEV systems
  • Domestic heat recovery systems
  • Energy efficient fan systems
Bespoke Components
  • Anti vandal weather louvers
  • Bespoke access doors
  • Stainless steel louvers


The ventilation system is proving very effective at maintaining excellent air quality in the Ivy House bar, irrespective of the number of smokers. We are particularly impressed with the ability of the unit to prevent cigarette smoke from reaching the bar staff. This enabled us to improve the working conditions of our staff by removing passive smoking, whilst still allowing our customers the traditional opportunity to smoke whilst sitting at the bar.

These benefits, together with the energy conservation measures such as PIR activation and use of a heat exchanger, provide a very efficient solution to how to cater for both smokers and non smokers in a single bar.

Anthony Mears

The Ivy House

Case Study: The Ivy House