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Smoking Room

Smoking Room

Many Specialist Care Homes, Hospitals and similar establishments allow smoking in designated rooms or areas. If the smoking room is not adequately ventilated, tobacco smoke can irritate staff exposed to it affecting their performance, comfort and safety at work. It could expose you to employee litigation. Under current UK legislation on smoking in public places an exemption exists for organisations with residences for which the premises are considered their home.

The conventional extract fan approach causes uncomfortable draughts, noise and high losses of heat energy. Fresh incoming air must be heated if draughts are to be avoided. The extra cost of continually reheating in this way is an expense your business can do without.

Sigma has developed a range of strategies for dealing with Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS). Issues to be addressed are:

  • Poor air quality within the smoking area
  • Smoke spreading into the surrounding areas/ Where to discharge contaminated air i.e. how to avoid contaminating adjacent areas such as external walkways.
  • Internal fabric staining
  • Expensive and unsightly ductwork
  • Energy Consumption
  • Air Volume in and out of the space
  • Placing the extract and supply points in the most strategic position
  • How to avoid draughts

Sigma HRVs dramatically cut the cost of ventilating your premises at the correct rate. Our heat recovery ventilators are not just for use in the care industry, but also in homes, factories and offices. In fact they can be used in any environment where cost effective ventilation is required.


We chose Sigma EPD to handle this project as we admired both the elegance of their technology and its effectiveness.

Lots of companies can provide complex solutions – very few can produce simple solutions that clear the contamination and save energy, in fact Sigma EPD must be almost unique in this.

Oliver Griffiths

Corporate Reasonability Ltd

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